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Overview of Religious Research Center,Shaanxi Normal University

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Religious Research Center was founded in 2004, is a key research institute directly administered by Shaanxi Normal University, became an independent department in 2007, it is an important center for philosophy and social science research in Shaanxi Province in 2008. It received authorization in 2003 to award master’s in Religious Studies, and for doctoral degree in 2006, it is the only department which has the authority to grant religion doctoral degree in northwest of China. The Center currently has 8 full-time researchers, 13 school part-time teachers and 2 external teachers. Among whom there are 2 Professors (Lv Jianfu, Ha Baoyu ), 3 Associate Professors (Xiao JianyuanWang Haiyan, Zhang Fang) and 1 lecturer (Zhang Wenzhuo), 2 Post-doctorate Fellows (Qi FeiZhi, Xu Xiao) and 1 executive secretary 1 (Yuan Ye), Professor Lv Jianfu is an academic leaders and director of the center.

       The center set several research rooms, including Religious Theory, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism and Folk religion studies, newly emerged religion and religious issues, also has reference room and  Maitreya library. It conducts research in the field of religious theory (Including Religious Psychology, Religious Sociology), Buddhism (including Tibetan Buddhism), Islamic studies, Christian studies, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and so on. The Center set curriculum of Religious Theory, Religious Psychology, Religious Sociology, Theory of Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Policy. Basic courses including: Chinese, Indian, Western Arabian philosophy. Professional language courses of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Arabic, Latin and etc. History, literature and History thoughts of all the other directions, also other related elective courses.

Since 2007, Professors of Religious Research Center awarded 25 scientific research projects, among them there are 6 National Social Science fund projects, including 1 major projects2 key projects, 4 Humanities and Social Science Projects of the Ministry Education, as well as 5 projects of other ministries. 19 books have been published, of which 9 academic monographs. Published 135 papers in academic journals, including 14 authoritative publications papers, 25 core journals published papers. Edit ‘Tantra research’ and ‘HuanYan Research’ two religious Proceedings of Shaanxi Normal University, which was hosted by International Symposium of Chinese Tantra and China Huayan International Symposium. The center hosted ‘Tiantan Lecture’ and ‘Maitreya Lecture ’  regularly.

The Center has made great strides in Buddhism, Islam, Chinese traditional religion and belief, and Christian research. It has formed expertise in Tantra Buddhism, Zen school of Buddhism, Islam in northwest, and also in the method of teaching, the new religion schools which were all under the endeavor of three generations of scholars of this center. From now on, will highlights three characteristics, which are Traditional, Ethnic and regional studied. Focusing on Buddhism, Islam and Tibetan Buddhism, pay close attention on the reality of religion, strengthening the international academic exchange, make more friends in religious circle.